Back into Audio Books

audible logoSo, after getting out of reading (and not even listening to books in a few years, I finally broke down and loaded up the Ender’s Game audio book to listen while sitting in traffic. I forgot how nice it is to listen to when sitting in traffic. Makes commuting so much better with 90% less suck (especially if you enjoy the book).

There were a couple of reasons why Ender’s Game. 1) Wanted to hear it again before seeing the movie (even though Orson Scott Card has rewritten the last chapter since my version of the audio book was recorded). 2) I enjoyed it a lot the first time I heard it. 3) Orson Scott Card is a play-write author. What I mean is that when he writes he writes so that his stories are told not read. He has said during an interview that he loves when he hears “I remember when my mom/dad read Ender’s Game to me”. He also used a dozen other examples and reasons as to why he likes having his stories told and not read. So, in remembrance of this last bullet I listened to it again.

If you have never read/heard Ender’s Game, know one thing; you immediately need to start reading the next book (Speaker For The Dead), followed by the next (Xenocide), etc.

Soapbox: follow Orson Scott Card’s reasoning and listen to his books. I have partially read Ender’s Game (actual reading, not listening) and found the presentation MUCH better when listening to it. There is something about his way of writing that makes his stories better told vs. read.

To help get my crave of space adventure, while idling in traffic, and for better sound (shhh, I previously downloaded all these books….) I broke down and joined audible with their 30-day free trial. Signing up was easy, and getting my free book was just as easy. Quickly downloaded the app to my phone and downloaded the book. You can even download these audio books to your any of your Kindles and it uses whisper sync to sync your location across all devices (huge plus!),

The app itself is nice and simple and reminds me a little of the Amazon Kindle app (as it should!). You can easily get to whatever chapter you need to, backup, pause, all the normal stuff.

If you are a big book reader, but just cannot find the time, I have to say, GET AUDIBLE! I have been listening to books driving, walking and when doing some light work at work. I upgraded one level on my subscription, so I pay $23/month. With this subscription I get two book credits each both to download books. So doing the math, each audio book comes out to $11.50 which is about a $9 savings when you look at the full price of the audio book.

It may just save your sanity when you are stuck in traffic at 5pm on a Friday afternoon.

Hmmm… I seem to have rambled… all well.