Website News

October Update

Still around, working on this site as well as my other two sites.

Also been starting to build a Sophos Unified Threat Management box.  Been distracted by a few other things so I haven’t been able to do as much on it as I want to (so far).  In the next day or so I plan on documenting how I fixed my Windows 7 Experience Index issue.  It was always failing on the primary disk read/write tests.

Besides some personal stuff, I have been busy at work on various things from scripting to SharePoint.  Hopefully I will start getting some time near the holidays.

Welcome Back

Welcome back to my new and improved blogging website.  Expanding the focus to pretty much anything that interests me from cars to gaming to programming.  Any project type work will be located on my profile site at

I am also currently running a Gaming Community website at  If you are into gaming you should check it.

It will take me some time to get things going, so please be patient.

Till next time.